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Every child deserves a future




In 2004, we came across a newspaper article on 11-year old Lisa Kempen. Lisa was collecting money for a same-aged, severely disabled boy whom she had met on the internet. The boy´s name was Stephan. He desperately required Dolphin therapy and Lisa wished to support him. We were so amazed by Lisa´s commitment, that we chose to take up contact with her and contribute. That is how we got in touch with Stephan and his family.


Meanwhile, we regularly exchange e-mails and phone calls. In the summer of 2005, Stephan and his family visited our premises for the first time. It was a wonderful time, and Stephan is a great kid. One thing´s for sure: The dolphin therapy was a big success!

Stephan has made tremendous progress.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we continue to support Stephan! We would be most thankful, if you visited Stephan´s websitee Stephan’s Homepage or hit the “like” button on his Facebook Fanpage.

You will most certainly be impressed!