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Brazilian football international Dante
visits STAR LOG

STAR LOG was the highest bidder at the “Dante Auction” organized by Rheinischer Post and Borussia Mönchengladbach.

The event was brought to life for young Gian-Luca from Süchteln, whose brain stem is irreparably damaged. All donations were intended towards dolphin therapy.

Thereby, we were able to welcome Brazilian football international Dante onto our premises. The pleasant football player signed all items which the fans presented him with (e.g. football shirt, scarves, etc.). Everyone was also granted the opportunity to take a picture with their idol. Despite heavy rainfall, several hundred fans as well business partners joined the occasion at our company´s headquarters. We provided food and beverage so as to ensure the physical well-being of our visitors, who responded exceptionally well by donating generous amounts of money, all to the benefit of Gian-Luca.

Hereunder, several impressions of the event are highlighted.. . .