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We not only put things in motion, but also let ourselves be driven

We feel as part of a whole. Therefore, for everything we receive, we choose to give back

Here is a selection of projects, which we wholeheartedly support. Social commitment is an essential part of our philosophy. Whilst travelling to all four corners of the planet, we have come to the following conclusion:


Every single person can make the world a better place.


Brazilian football international Dantevisits STAR LOG STAR LOG was the highest bidder at the “Dante Auction” organized by Rheinischer Post and Borussia Mönchengladbach. The event was brought to life for young Gian-Luca from Süchteln, whose brain stem is irreparably...

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Stephan König

      In 2004, we came across a newspaper article on 11-year old Lisa Kempen. Lisa was collecting money for a same-aged, severely disabled boy whom she had met on the internet. The boy´s name was Stephan. He desperately required Dolphin therapy and Lisa...

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